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General Information

NameCrossFit Excel
OwnerNick Hobby
Address1433-1 Moffat Blvd.
Manteca, CA 95336

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Happy Birthday Phap!! Hope you have a great one!! Love your CFM Fam!!!!

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"CrossFit Invictus Stole 17 Pounds and I Don’t Want Them Back!" - Written By Invictus Member Steve Corney

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This is what CrossFit is truly about. Community Family Loyalty Unity Valiancy We will rebuild and be stronger!

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The Superman Rock. Today on Freestyle Connection Coach Carl Paoli talks about how adding motion to the superman body position helps develop basic pushing and pulling at spinal level and therefore direct application into athletic performance in higher level movement patterns.

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That one time at #6am... #heavyhitters and #stuntpilots #321GO #liftstrongandprosper

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jgwhite published the post How Sitting Too Much Could Impact Your Workout Posture on Tabata Times
[pullquote align="right"]Depending on where you work, how you live, and what other habits you have...
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Monday 10.5.15 Back Squat 65% x 10 70% x 8 80% x 5 85% x 3 x 5 _____________________ 5 Rounds 10 Sumo Deadlift HighPull, 95/65 10 Ring Dip 5/5 Front Rack Lunge, 95/65 Rx+: 115/95, OH Lunge

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Tomorrow Class Schedule: 6:30 am, 7:30 am Lunch time 12:30pm, 4:30 pm, and 5:30 pm. Please look for a lengthy welcome email about the new gym, Crush Cancer etc. It may hit your spam folders, as it did mine. If you have Gmail check your promotions tab.

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AnnouncementsCFIM is closed until further notice. We will let you know when the BOX is back up and runningCrossFit Iron Mary’s – CrossFitA.NO CLASSES UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Due to flooding the gym will need to be stripped and cleaned thoroughly. Sorry for any inconvenience, we will get it back open ASAP!+

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AnnouncementsCFIM is closed until further notice. We will let you know when the BOX is back up and runningCrossFit Iron Mary’s – CrossFit EnduranceBack Squat (1 x 3)15 Minutes to find a 3RM+Metcon (3 Rounds for time)3 RFT Time and Reps 5 Deadlifts 285/195 15 Strict Chin Ups :60 Max Wall Balls 20/14Score reps in comments

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Hope to see everyone tomorrow!

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TESTING WEEK What do you see in 2016? What motivates your training? Is it big numbers, GAINZ? Is it an aesthetic body, JACKED and TAN? Need more ENERGY to chase your kids around? Maybe you want to jump start your way to a HEALTHIER life? Let’s...

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Here's your to-do list for the coming week, CFTO-lings:

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More Airdyne for Jim and Xin! They love it. **Get registered for the Rodeo today!!!! We are extending the deadline to register and guarantee yourself a cool Rodeo t-shirt till this FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9th. After that, you'll still be able to register for a little while, but you won't get a t-shirt. Just do it now. You won't regret it. [ 1233 more words. ]

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THRILLIPEDE FOR TIME: 60 - Calorie Assault Bike 70' Bear Crawl 8 - WallWakls 9 - Ring Muscle Ups

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Monday, Oct 5 -

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In 2 weeks we will have FUN and save lives! Barbells for Boobs, October 17th at 9.00am. See you there!

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WOD for Monday 10/5: 1) Mobility/Warm Up- 6 min AMRAP of: 10 Squats, 10 Pass Thrus, 5 Burpees, 10 Reverse Pass Thrus, 20 sec. Deep Squat Hold 2) Strength- Front Squat 1 Rep Max 3) WOD 1- Death By Front Squat (60% of your 1RM)/Death By Abmat One leads to the next *30 min Cap 4) Cool Down

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Interested in trying out CrossFit? Our CrossFit Basics class is for individuals who are committed to making a dramatic change in their life with the support of a strong community, regardless of your past or present fitness level. In this class, our trainers focus on the basic movements and slowly introduce intensity to the workouts. Call 425.299.3817 or send us a private message for more details.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month Wear Pink for a cause! We're joining the movement with this Limited Edition Shirt ($20) Donate to a Breast Cancer charity Show us the receipt We'll customize the back with a loved ones name or saying that inspires you to keep working in the gym and improving your health Be the change you want to see in the world! Pre-orders are this week! Get your shirt by next Monday!! #buildafitcommunity

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@rubesterdoo an extremely hard working athlete. #CrossFitBlackDiamond #CrossFit #crossfitcommunity #SoCal #NorthCounty #Oceanside #oside #OceansideGym #CA #California #SanDiego #SD #BetterThanYesterday #NeverStop #TrainLikeUGiveADamn #GeneralPhysicalPreparedness #GPP #gym #FUNctionalfitness #Fitness #Fit #CVFMHI #AllIn

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Guys, This Friday there is a Bench-mark workout coming up. Bench-marks are an important test of fitness. This BM in particular is "Nancy" Run and Overhead Squats. It is 5 Rounds of 400 m runs and 15 OHS @ 95 lb for men and 65 lb for women. I know it is a whole lot to ask, but try to make it on Friday to do the Bench-mark or make it up on Sunday. The following week on Monday will be "Fran" 21-15-9 of Thruster 95 lb/ 65 lb and Pull-ups. Two tests of our fitness will be in close proximity. Try to make it in for both. We will collect the data and use it for the next time we do these Bench-marks. Thank you all for working very hard. Brian, Paula, & Sigi.

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Week 3 of tempo squats

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The Workout: This year we are mixing it up from the tired and true Grace. We are asking you to grab a friend, partner, gym-mate, anyone to do the workout with and have some fun. Partners can be male/male, female/female, or male/female teams. The workout will be For Time: 1 round of Barbara, Grace, then 1 round of Barbara again. Work can be divided up between you and your partner as you see fit. [ 444 more words. ]

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Function 10/05/2015 Beginner Intermediate Advanced Roll Out Warm Up 3min Z1 + 3X 7 Wall Squats 7 Bentover Row 5 Strict Press 8 Iron Cross Mobility Triceps on Post Skill Hang Power Clean & Push Press Progression before WOD WOD A. Back Squat 3x10 w/ 2 second hold @ bottom + 3 Rounds of: 7 Power Cleans [ 82 more words. ]

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Monday: 5 Rounds 10 KB Swings 52#/35# 10 Push Ups 10 Box Jump Overs 24/20” Rest 3 minute then repeat: 5 Rounds 10 KB Swings 52#/35# 10 Push Ups 10 Box Jump Overs 24/20

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10/5/15 "Nasty Girls" 3 rft: 50 Squats 7 Muscle Ups 10 HPC 135/95 10/6/15 For Time: Run 1 mile 100 Situps 100 Back Extensions Run 1 mile 10/7/15 "Gymnasty Troy" Is it a nasty week or what!? For time: Buy in - 82 Double Unders Then, 3 rounds: 3 Wall Ball Situps 3 Tire Flips with Jump Over 3 Wall Walk Ups… [ 113 more words. ]

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10/5/15 WOD- Be sure and read about Molly and Marc, the first Athletes of the Month for October! Warmup: CF x 1, hip mobility strength: squat 4 x 4 @ 80 metcon: AMRAP 15 min- 10 deadlift (165/115lb) 20 push ups 30 barbell jump overs Post loads and rounds to comments.

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THROWDOWN MOVEMENTS AND INFO 2015 CrossFit Sunset Throwdown Any questions please email Coach MAC --- PURPOSE For some of us to push ourselves in new and different ways and to discover an intensity we did now know. For others, to test ourselves against other athletes in the gym to see how we measure up in a competition setting. For all…HAVE FUN! INFORMATION 6 Workouts You will start either on SIDE A or SIDE B. On each side you will have 3 workouts to complete. Each workout has a 4 min cap with 2 min rest between workouts. You will have more rest time between SIDE A and SIDE B. Movement List *this is not all movements…but ones you may need to decide between RX and FUN **this is subject to change NOTE TO POTENTIAL RX ATHLETES: Push yourselves. There may be a movement or 2 that is on the list that may not be your best. That’s okay. As long as you can do the majority of the movements then challenge yourself. Any questions talk to MAC. RX GHD Situps KBS 28kg/20 Wallballs 20/14 (M/F to 10 ft target) HSPU (RX style---plates and a abmat) Clean 61kg/43 Goblet Squat 28kg/20kg STO(shoulder to Overhead) 61kg/43 Double Unders Ring Muscleups OR 4 CTB pullups per MU (to be clear what this means-we expect RX athletes to have MU…but if you do not or are not proficient you have the option to essentially do 4 CTB pullups instead of 1 ring muscleup. Is this a fair tradeoff…nope but the alternative is just to stare at the rings…work on muscleup ;) FUN Slam Balls (you may not know what this is…but you can all do it) Wallballs 16/12 (M to 10 ft target…F to 9 ft target) Jump Rope Singles Clean 43kg/30 KBS 20kg/12 STO(shoulder to overhead)-43kg./30 Goblet Squats 20/12

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I hope you all enjoyed your weekend..Monday's WOD is available on the blog!